Easily measure effectiveness of your coaching and training programs while facilitating real behavioral change.

How Resultslab enhances your workflow

Learning or Change Intervention
E.g. Training sessions, Team-building Workshops, Goal Setting Meetings, Feeback or Coaching Sessions.
Turn Ideas into Action
Make learning complete by transforming taught ideas into action. Introduce social elements to encourage shared learning.
Measure Learning Effectiveness
Get comprehensive statistics, graphs and intuitive reports. Reward active learners, offer an interactive support mechanism.
Optimize Training Strategy or Spend
See what's working, what's not. Tweak, play, change. Make informed and data-driven decisions.

What can you do with Resultslab?

Create Follow Through
Our simple interface allows to create follow-through events in minutes. Events help track effectiveness of Training delivered, Feedback given or other change interventions.
Capture Action Responses
Participants share how they implemented learnings - with other participants, trainers and managers. Learnings are applied, captured and shared repeatedly for habit formation.
Make Learning Social
Get a Platform for participants to share, do and opine in the context of the learning imparted. Trainers can lead engagement with the learning content long after the session is over.
Generate Powerful Reports
Generate detailed reports about post training impact. Analyze individual participants and ideas and gather change stories. (You’ve never seen something like this before).
Create Organizational Memory
Don't let learning experiences of your organization disappear. Create a repository of various ways of tackling challenges and applying ideas from your participants.
Involve Line Managers
Let Line Managers see what their team-members learned and how they are applying it. Managers can also interact with participants online - creating an ecosystem of learning, support and accountability.
Share Files and Pictures
Participants, trainers, managers have a space to share presentations, reports, documents, templates and pictures from learning events.
Create Private Events
To track effectiveness of sensitive training programs, create private events and limit sharing and social functionalities.
E-mail Notifications
Participants get instant email notification to learn how their co-learners have applied learnings and ideas - creating ripples of actions.

What our users think of Resultslab

Srinivas Ghanagam
Vice President, Human Resources, Freudenberg India
I would strongly recommend Resultslab to all programs that are interested in sustaining learning retention & measuring learning effectiveness among training-attendees. The tool removes the leakage of time and energy Training departments and supervisors have to invest in following-up with individuals' learning efforts. In fact, this tool takes care of the need of capturing the learning in such a fashion that the supervisors/trainers can focus on higher value addition to the learners.
Reethika Shetty
Director, Learning and Development, Altisource
I love that it provides me with the ability to keep my learners engaged and connected to the learning even when they are out of the classroom. Additionally it is a great tool for both learners to track their progress and for L&D to identify areas requiring further interventions.

I would totally recommend it. It provides learning managers/consultants with actual quantifiable data to help strengthen the learning effectiveness measurement process.
Prabha K
Senior Manager HR, Interra Systems
It was good to see participants put their learnings/experience into words, application of their learnings. It gave us an insight about how it had touched every participant in his professional and personal life and more importantly the success of the program. We have been able to use resultslab with a higher degree of confidence in our successive training modules.

Ever since identifying training programs was on my agenda, I was always concerned about gauging the effectiveness of the training modules. My question got answered with introduction of resultslab. I do recommend resultslab.
Payal Bhat
Director, Human Resources, Monotype
ResultsLab is a very powerful tool to check the effectiveness of learning take away, you get to see how participants are applying learning in their day to day lives. A big worry for L&D heads is “training effectiveness” and I must say with an engaging platform like Results Lab, this worry is taken care of. I would strongly recommend this as a tool.

Learn how Resultslab benefits You

What You Want
To apply what you learn in training programs or coaching/feedback sessions To know what happened with the learning imparted after the training session and provide assistance to learners To improve and assess effectiveness of training programs and manage the training spend for maximum impact To ensure the real change you are interetsed in happens in the workplace
Capture Stories
Share your stories of applying learnt ideas and learn what others did Learn how the taught ideas were applied in the real world Have a deep view of how different training programs have been applied by learners in the organization Understand what learners did differently after attending the training you sent them to (and probably paid for)
Follow-through System
Access all learnt ideas in the form of action questions with recommended attempts and timelines Engage with the learning group even after the learning event Create accountability by providing an ecosystem to your trainers, learners and stakeholders to follow through on the learning imparted View the change you requested through a learning intervention take shape and happen
Available Help
Help others in your learning group and receive help from other learners, trainers and mentors Review participants and assist them Monitor the help needed and received by participants after training Assist learners in overcoming obstacles to create the changes you desire
Learner Community
Share your stories of applying learnt ideas and read what others did Listen and participate in the conversation between learners and stakeholders Monitor the buzz in the organization regarding different training programs Listen and participate in the conversation between learners and instructors
Learning Events
Have a space to apply learnt ideas for every program you attend - online, classroom, blended or self-paced Have a space to track participant behavior afte the training program Have a space to monitor effectiveness of training programs on the basis of post training participant behavior Have a space to track participant behavior after the training program
Track Effectiveness
See how your group is doing at applying learnt ideas Do a deep analysis of idea attempts, filtering by ideas and participants Assess and measure programs on the basis of post-training impact Track the real impact of a change intervention in your workplace
Calibrate & Improve
Attempt learnt ideas till they become habits by following trial recommendations Analyze your learning and delivery plans - improve design and delivery to achieve behavioral change Analyze programs on the basis of real impact and make data-based decisions about your training spend Improve processses and work management on the basis of direct feedback from learners
Ease of Use
Access all features of Resultslab on all your devices through browser
Login using Google Apps

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